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How to beat the Watcher’s Fury in Atlas Fallen

If you're looking to take on the Watcher’s Fury, here’s everything you need to know about how to start the side quest and more importantly, how to beat it.

How do you beat the Atlas Fallen Watcher’s Fury? One of Atlas Fallen’s earliest sidequests, this is a demanding onslaught that has you taking on hordes of wraiths in the middle of a sandstorm. While not only tough to complete, it can be tricky to find with the starting point regularly changing.

The Watcher’s Fury is initiated by the Travelling Vendor upon meeting with the merchant in Caladrias: Forbidden Lands, the first open-region section of Atlas Fallen, with more to come as we explain in our review. He explains that the Watcher has become active and has started creating Wraiths, suggesting that “interesting materials” may be available to gather as a result. To do this you need to face the Watcher’s Fury and collect what you can. Here’s where to find the Watcher’s Fury sidequest and how to beat the Watcher’s Fury itself.



Atlas Fallen: The Watcher's Fury location can move around the map

Where to find the Watcher’s Fury

The Watcher’s Fury will either be in Caladrias in the Forbidden Lands or Monsalar in the Wildlands.

The Travelling Vendor can initially be found in Caladrias: Forbidden Lands soon after earning the first dash move. The merchant does move regularly but can be spotted by his flying kite. Two places he can always be located are west of the Anvil in the Wastelands of the Vast Desert or within Bastengar’s Underground, found just to the left beyond Bastengar’s Gates on a ledge.

A blue marker will appear on the map pointing you in the direction of the Watcher’s Fury. This can be found in either the Caladrias: Forbidden Lands or the Monsalar: Wildlands. Follow the marker until you find yourself within the circular area displayed on the map and move around until haunting music starts to seep in. A bright light will then take over the screen before the battle will commence.

How to beat the Watcher’s Fury

The Watcher’s Fury has you taking on four waves of Wraiths, each one tougher than the last. The difficulty and type of Wraiths you face all depend on where you encounter the sidequest with the fight in Caladrias: Forbidden Lands easier than one in the Monsalar: Wildlands. For instance, we took on Mawers, Stingers, a Diver, and a Shellbasher to end the fight. We highly recommend completing the optional extra of upgrading your armor beforehand. This can be done at any Anvil in exchange for Essence Dust.

Once underway, the best tactic is to quickly take out the lesser Wraiths before then focusing on the bigger ones. While the lesser ones will regenerate over time, any bigger enemies will be slightly slower meaning you can hang back a little before going in for an attack or parry. Additionally, defeating any lesser wraiths will help refill your Idol so you can heal yourself.

Mawers are best defeated by waiting for them to attack and then parrying to instantly crystalize them. You can then use the Ruthless Advantage Essence Stone to take a big chunk of their health away. Tailwhippers are bird-like enemies that circle in the air, so the best thing for these is to use the Air Dash to get close and whittle them down individually. Again look out for parry opportunities.

Atlas Fallen: The Watcher's Fury location can move around the map

How to beat Shellbashers

Divers will jump in and out of the sand at will with a red circle on the ground indicating where they will emerge. Try to get up and close with these, attacking its head for the most damage. Divers are more annoying to parry due to their infrequent nature, so just get some hits in, retreat, and repeat until their health has been depleted fully.

Shellbashers are by far the most punishing, often attacking multiple times in a row which can send you from full health to zero in no time. The good news is that they have a pretty straightforward rhythm of attacks that can be followed and parried. Wait until it begins to throw down its claws one by one to before running in underneath and landing a parry. If done three times in quick succession, the Shellbasher will be crystalized meaning you can inflict some huge (or should I say massive) damage to the giant-enemy crab. Keep doing this and the Watcher’s Fury will be complete.

Pick up any materials left over from the fight and head back to The Travelling Vendor for your reward: 3,500 Essence Dust and the Formula V, which gives you access to fuse the Idol’s Frenzy and Idol’s Restoration Essence Stones.

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