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Fallout London has a rival in new British apocalypse survival RPG

New British post-apocalypse survival RPG Atomfall puts you in a devastated post-war Britain as you attempt to stay alive in the quarantine.

Fallout London has a rival in British nuclear apocalypse RPG Atomfall - A woman sits on a park bench reading The War of the Worlds.

For all the big RPGs set to launch in the coming months and years, Fallout London is probably one of my most anticipated. The vast standalone mod for Bethesda’s Fallout 4 might have been delayed, but launch seems imminent as developer Team FOLON teases a new date. If that’s not enough British nuclear disaster for you, however, newcomer Atomfall is here as a delicious dessert, and it’s set to arrive in 2025.

Created by Sniper Elite developer Rebellion, Atomfall is based on the real-life 1957 Windscale fire nuclear accident in the UK, but follows a fictional escalation of the incident that leaves you in a transformed Britain five years on. The result is a blend of action and survival game set in an open world where you must scavenge, craft, barter, and fight in an attempt to learn the truth.

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“Everything has changed in that time, and you find yourself in a very different Britain, on the wrong side of the quarantine wall,” Rebellion explains. “The area is run by the military and beset with factions, in-fighting, and a growing sense of fear. It’s up you to unravel the mystery of what happened. Explore the countryside, villages, and settlements and meet odd people, wicked cults, rogue government agencies and others along the way.”

Atomfall is set to launch on PC and Xbox in 2025. It will also be available via Xbox Game Pass.

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