New Atomic Heart DLC means huge flash sale

Set in a parallel world that's perhaps too reminiscent of our own, Atomic Heart is one of 2023's sleeper hits, and it's on sale on Steam ahead of the new DLC.

A silver female robot with golden hair looks down over her right shoulder in a marble room

Like it or loathe it, Atomic Heart has emerged as one of 2023’s sleeper hits, transporting players back in time to an allo-historical Soviet Russia populated by creepy, killer robots. Mundfish’s FPS game has new DLC on the horizon, set to cast us back into Atomic Heart‘s realm of mechanical madness, but in the wake of the announcement it’s also on sale on Steam.

At the moment, you can save 34% on Atomic Heart on Steam, bringing it down to $39.59 / £36.29. This is just the base version, however, with two different premium versions heavily discounted, too.

The gold edition is currently set at $53.99 / £47.99, and includes the base game, as well as the Atomic Pass. This gives you access to the four DLCs that Mundfish has planned.

Alternatively, you can pick up the aptly entitled Premium Edition for 40% off, bringing it down to $59.99 / £53.99. This includes the Atomic Pass, a digital art book, and three golden skins for your glove, AK, and Zvezdochka Axe.

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If you’re looking for more reasons to dive into this weird, yet somewhat wonderful world, the all-new Atomic Heart Annihilation Instinct DLC will release on Wednesday, August 2, and promises more killer robots and a whole lot of slaughter. Narrated by Nora, the infamous and rather, erm, forward vendor robot, we see P-3 tear through the robotic hordes with his axe, a huge heavy weapon and, of course, Charles.

It looks like he’s got a few upgrades since our last bout, however, as it looks like P-3 now has the ability to slow down time. Ever fancy murdering Soviet-themed robots in slow-mo? Looks like Annihilation Instinct will let you do just that.

If all of this has you intrigued (I was going with excited, but then Nora will hear me), then you can pick up Atomic Heart at sale price on Steam until Thursday, June 29 – so act fast, comrade. It’s also available on Game Pass, so you can try it before picking it up.

As the hordes descend on this once-proud Eastern metropolis, I advise you check out our list of the best Atomic Heart weapons, as well as an overview of the Atomic Heart map to ensure you don’t get lost amid the chaos.