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When is Avatar Frontiers of Pandora coming out? PC release times

When is Avatar Frontiers of Pandora coming out? Here are the PC release times for Ubisoft's stunning new adventure, and preload details.

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When is Avatar Frontiers of Pandora coming out? It’s a question that avid Na’vi have no doubt been asking for some time. Well, my fellow warriors, Ubisoft has confirmed the exact PC release times for its new jungle adventure – as well as details on whether or not you’ll be able to preload it.

As someone who played far too much of the original movie-inspired Avatar game as a child, I am truly hoping that Avatar Frontiers of Pandora lives up to my (perhaps far too high) expectations. The first-person action-adventure game, set in the titular alien world of Pandora, is set to release on Thursday, December 7, but it’s a pretty big game. So can you preload it? And what is the release time in your region?

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Avatar Frontiers of Pandora preload

To answer that first question, yes, you can preload Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora on PC from 5am PST / 8am EST / 1pm GMT / 2pm CEST on Tuesday, December 5.

Given the game is a pretty colossal 90GB on PC, I’d advise that you make use of that preload. If you’re wondering if you’ll be able to run the game, we have a full breakdown of the Avatar Frontiers of Pandora system requirements.

Avatar Frontiers of Pandora release time

On PC, The Avatar Frontiers of Pandora release time is set for 9pm PST / 11pm GMT on December 6, and 12am EST / 12am CEST on December 7.

These are the current confirmed Avatar Frontiers of Pandora release times for each region:

  • Los Angeles – 9pm December 6
  • Shanghai – 9pm December 6
  • London – 11pm December 6
  • Mexico City – 11pm December 6
  • Seoul – 11pm December 6
  • Tokyo – 11pm December 6
  • Malmo – 12am December 7
  • Montreal – 12am December 7
  • New York – 12am December 7
  • Paris – 12am December 7
  • Sydney – 12am December 7
  • Johannesburg – 1am December 7
  • Kyiv – 1am December 7
  • Sao Paulo – 2am December 7
  • Abu Dhabi – 3am December 7

An infographic showing the different release times for Avatar Frontiers of Pandora

The stage is set, and the frontier lies just over the horizon. While you wait, we have a list of all the best fantasy games, as well as some other space games if you love exploring spectacular alien environments.

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