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Is Avowed on Game Pass?

If you want to set foot back into the world of Eora from Pillars of Eternity, you might be wondering if Avowed is on Game Pass.

A lizard bears its teeth and tongue in Avowed, which is coming to Game Pass on day one.

Is Avowed on Game Pass? Obsidian takes us back to Eora, the beautiful world first discovered in its Pillars of Eternity series, in Avowed. The fantasy RPG adventure with an entirely new story to uncover is published by Xbox Game Studios, so it’s only natural to wonder if Avowed is on Game Pass.

Avowed is a brand new adventure in the Pillars of Eternity universe, so whether you’ve played Obsidian’s previous RPG game or not, you won’t have a problem diving in. As you are sent to the region to uncover the reason behind a devastating plague, things might be more difficult than you accounted for as the residents of Eora aren’t exactly happy with your arrival. If you want to try and win them over and save them, or betray them, it will help to know if Avowed is available on Game Pass.

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Is Avowed on Game Pass?

Yes, Avowed is on Game Pass. Published by Xbox Game Studios, Avowed is on Xbox Game Pass from day one, so you can participate in the adventure right from launch with your Game Pass subscription.

There is currently no confirmed Avowed release date, so while we know that the action-adventure game is coming to Game Pass, we only have a release window at this time. Even so, there is plenty of gameplay footage to give us a hint at what’s to come from Obsidian’s version of Skyrim when the Avowed day one Game Pass release date comes around.

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