Award, please: Papers, Please gets the IGF 2014 grand prize

Papers, Please IGF 2014 winner

After whittling down a huge list of indie titles to a select group of finalists back in January, the IGF Award winners were announced at GDC, yesterday. The grand prize went to Lucas Pope’s superb, yet intensely grim Papers, Please, which came with $33,000 prize money. 

Not only did Papers, Please walk away with the grand prize, it also won awards for Excellence in Design and Excellent in Narrative. This is not long after it won in the strategy and simulation category at the video game BAFTAs back here in blighty.

The other winners were The Stanley Parable (Audience Award), Gorogoa (Excellence in Visual Art), Luxueia Superbia (Nuovo Award), DEVICE 6 (Excellence in Audio) and Risk of Rain (Best Student Game).

Along with the other finalists whose games are on PC, any not already up on Steam have been offered deals by Valve, and will eventually make their way onto the platform.