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Ayaneo teases thinnest Windows handheld gaming PC with OLED

Ayaneo iscooking up a new Windows handheld gaming PC with an OLED screen, and it could house Steam Deck performance within a Nintendo Switch sized shell

Ayaneo handheld gaming PC on blue and pink backdrop

Ayaneo is known for its high spec Windows handheld gaming PC lineup, but the company claims it has “built the world’s thinnest” portable powerhouse to rival Valve’s Steam Deck. Spotted by Videocardz, Ayaneo CEO Arthur Zhange teased the group’s ambitions on the Chinese website Weibo while describing the qualities of its new device.

The Ayaneo boss says its new Windows handheld uses an “ultra-thin OLED” display, something that could help it compete size-wise with the Nintendo Switch. Yet, while the company is aiming for a lightweight formfactor, Zhange bigs up its performance while referring to the gadget as a “small steel gun”, suggesting that it’ll be durable and powerful.

Devices like the Ayaneo 2021 cost significantly more than the Steam Deck, largely thanks to their souped-up specs. The pocket gaming firm’s next handheld will likely follow suit, but Zhange does suggest that it’ll be “available at a price that is close to the people”. Naturally, this doesn’t mean the portable’s price will plummet, but a more accessible price might appeal to PC gaming enthusiasts looking for something punchier than Valve’s offering.

Zhange signs off by teasing an Ayaneo press conference in May and says there will be a “surprise” at the end of the event. This perhaps means the company has more than just a new OLED handheld gaming PC up its sleeve, even if it’s set to be a showstopper. Of course, if the company wants to keep up with other Steam Deck competitors, it may need to offer devices of various specs and sizes, especially following the release of the Onexplayer Mini.

If you’ve got a Steam Deck Q2 pre-order on the way, Ayaneo’s ultra-thin OLED device probably won’t sway you. That said, if you’re looking for a reliable Windows 11 experience to take on the go, Valve’s handheld might not live up to the hype, especially since dual booting still isn’t an option.