Back 4 Blood is Left 4 Dead 3 in all but name, and it launches next year

Turtle Rock Studios worked under Valve to create Left 4 Dead, and if Left 4 Dead 3 isn’t going to come our way, it seems the studio is determined to make it happen themselves. Back 4 Blood was announced some time ago, but it made its gameplay debut at The Game Awards, and it looks like exactly what Left 4 Dead fans have been waiting for.

Zombies might be tired in 2020, but maybe not in 2021, because Back 4 Blood launches June 22, 2021 – and your nostalgia for Left 4 Dead is likely to carry you through, regardless. Scroll on down for the gameplay.

The Game Awards is an annual showcase of both the year’s best games and upcoming titles from publishers and developers across the industry. The evening promises news on everything from Among Us to the next Dragon Age game, and PCGamesN will be here to provide the biggest news as it happens.

Check out the footage below.

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You can tune into the show for yourself below.

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