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Bandle Tale release date, gameplay, and trailers

The Bandle Tale release date is almost here, giving League of Legends fans a closer look at Yordles and their unique home of Bandle City.

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When is the Bandle Tale release date? The final game to launch under the Riot Forge banner is Bandle Tale: A League of Legends Story. In this crafting RPG, you play as a Yordle living in Yarnville, an island that loves everything knitting-related. There are portals connecting Yarnville to Bandle City, but those portals suddenly stop working one day, throwing everything into chaos.

Riot Forge partnered with Lazy Bear Games, the developers of Graveyard Keeper and the Punch Club series, to expand the lore of the Yordles and introduce fans to their home of Bandle City. In this indie game, your job is to get the portals working again to bring joy to the rest of the Yordles using your crafting skills. Here’s what we know about the Bandle Tale release date, including information on the recently released trailers, gameplay, and more.

Bandle Tale release date

The Bandle Tale: A League of Legends Story release date is set for Wednesday, February 21, 2024, and will be released on PC and Nintendo Switch. The game is available to pre-order on Steam and the Epic Games Store.

For an extra $5 / £5, you can purchase the Bandle Tale Deluxe Edition which includes several outfits and additional recipes to use in-game. The outfits are for your poro pal and your character, and you also have access to two exclusive backpacks.

A Collector’s Edition of the game is also available exclusively on the Riot Games Store for $149.99. Here’s what you can expect from the Bandle Tale Collector’s Edition: Five Yordle figurines, a Bandle Center diorama kit, stickers, a wooden pin set, a notebook, a hardcover art book, a special box, and all of the DLC content from the Deluxe Edition.

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Bandle Tale gameplay

As mentioned earlier, Bandle Tale is a crafting RPG which means you’re going to be focusing on cooking dishes, creating items, and throwing parties. Your Yordle has just finished a 101-year-long crafting apprenticeship, giving you the exact skills you need to help complete your quest.

In addition to opening the portals, your main goal is to make your fellow Yordles happy by aiding them. Whether that be with delicious meals or by creating gadgets for them using your engineering skills, there’s always something you can do to delight your guests. Entertaining your fellow Yordles will subsequently help you with the portal problem, unlocking new islands with different items and people to discover.

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Bandle Tale trailers

The first trailer for Bandle Tale, released on January 8, 2024, gave fans a glimpse into the portals that exist in Bandle City. The portal in the ‘Scouting Ahead’ trailer goes from the snowy peaks of the Freljord to the dense jungle in Bandle City.

In the ‘A Day in the Life’ trailer, we get our first look at in-game footage of the main Yordle fishing inside a portal. The Yordle moves on to harvesting items for their food stall, grabbing fruits from trees and vegetables from bushes. At mid-day, the Yordle opens up their market to the rest of the villagers who are keen to purchase some meals.

In the afternoon, Corki takes the Yordle on a flying lesson in a metal contraption that seems to crash land in a body of water. To apologize for what happened, the Yordle purchased a gift for Corki. By the evening, the Yordle hosts a party and invites several guests over to dance and chat. The trailer ends with the Yordle’s diary closing, reminding them that they still need to save Clover and Bandle City.

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