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Batman: Arkham Knight’s tag-team combat gets shown off in a new video

Batman: Arkham Knight dual play

Rocksteady’s tossing Batman’s pals into Arkham Knight’s scraps, letting players fight as both Batman and one of his allies. The developer’s calling the system dual play, and it’s essentially single-player co-op. 

The new combat system was vaguely introduced last month in a trailer, but today an Arkham Insider video goes into a bit more detail and shows off some dual play fisticuffs. 

Tag team fights will put the AI in charge of one character while you control the other, but you’ll be able to switch between them.

While Batman teams up with the likes of Nightwing all the blooming time, I wasn’t sure it would be such a great fit for a combat system that’s all about getting into a rhythm, but switching characters doesn’t actually seem all that disruptive in the gameplay footage. It helps that both Batman and his chums share a combo meter, and you don’t have to start over when you switch.

Honestly, I think I’d be willing to put up with a wee bit of disruption just so I could pull off some of those fancy co-op takedowns.