Batman: Arkham Knight reimagines the Scarecrow as a skyscraper-tall bagzilla

Batman: Arkham Knight.

Chrises Nolan and Bale might be going through a conscious uncoupling with Batman, but caped crusading with a gothic bent lives on in Rocksteady’s second sequel, Batman: Arkham Knight. A buggy-like Batmobile is the star (“he wouldn’t use it if he didn’t need it”) – and now the grimdarkest member of DC’s crim catalogue, the Scarecrow, has emerged in the third part of the game’s Ace Chemicals Infiltration mission.

You’ll see the Scarecrow step into an artfully twisted version of Arkham at around the two-and-a-half minute mark in the trailer below.

He wears his familiar gas mask garb, and remains surrounded by customary crows – but you’ll notice something new about Dr Crane. We thought Batman had big shoulders, but this chap’s taking chunks out of nearby buildings with his.

We’re betting on a fear-toxin induced nightmare sequence to out-freak Max Payne.

Over at Ace Chemicals, you’ll see the Bat-chap punted out of the top of his drive like a cannonball. The Batmobile also proves instrumental in that most videogamey of pastimes: opening doors.

“Oh god, he’s got an attack chopper,” gasps a beleaguered chemist. “What you gonna do?” Have an all-vehicular boss fight, that’s what.

Rocksteady have a Batman: Arkham Knight release date penciled in for early June next year. Perhaps with Gotham on the telly, you’re ready for another round of earnest city-saving?