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Shroud says Battalion 1944 is “probably the best first-person shooter out right now”

The throwback FPS has a big fan in one of gaming's biggest streamers

While Battalion 1944 had a rocky launch into Early Access, the game’s recent 1.0 release has brought a massive surge in interest and a consistent rise in player numbers. One of the players contributing to the Battalion 1944 player count is prolific streamer Michael ‘Shroud’ Grzesiek, and he’s got some big praise for the title.

The former CS:GO pro says in a recent stream that Battalion 1944 is “very competitive. Very, very Counter-Strike-esque. Also very CoD-esque, in the fact that you jump around corners, fucking spray, dropshot, all that. So it’s like a blend of Call of Duty and CS into one game. So it’s very competitive, very difficult.“

Shroud says he’s “already played 43 hours. It’s so much fun. I want to play it right now, that’s how much fun I have in that fucking game. It’s probably the best first-person shooter out right now. Fact, hands down. And it’s so early, it doesn’t have anything besides TDM, competitive, rifles only, some skins here and there.”

You can hear Shroud’s comments for yourself in the clip below (via Dexerto).

Maybe Battalion 1944 will become the streamer’s preferred game. It doesn’t have the massive audience of a battle royale, but lately Shroud has been bouncing between PUBG, Apex Legends, and Fortnite with plenty of criticism for all of them.

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The new interest in Battalion 1944 hasn’t slowed down in the week and a half since launch. Player counts have hit continual new peaks each day, and the game’s formerly ‘mixed’ Steam rating is now up to a ‘mostly positive’ among recent reviews.