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Latest Battleborn footage stars an extra aggressive eagle, avian ass-kicking ensues


Battleborn doesn’t have some of the characters… it has ALL of the characters. Literally every single last one of them. Last time I checked in on Gearbox’s upcoming MOBA shooter, demented doctors and massive Mexican wrestlers were ruling the roost, but now in a recent Let’s Play hosted on the Battleborn YouTube channel, it’s a eagle/man monstrosity who’s hogging the limelight. 

Will Battleborn prove to be a mighty MOBA? Can its shooter elements stack up next to the best FPS games on PC?

I’ll let Gearbox give you the rundown on this avian abomination before showing the latest Battleborn footage. “Brash and arrogant Benedict loves three things: himself, rockets, and himself. Though his left wing was crippled during the evacuation of his homeworld, Benedict is still capable of limited flight, raining down rockets from a high vantage point.” So no flying, then. All things considered, he still looks mighty badass:

Battleborn hits PC on May 3rd, where Benedict is joined by another 24 heroes who are apparently going to save the universe from extinction by courting a level of whacky that makes Looney Tunes regulars look sterner than a bunch of arthritic astrophysicists. Super.