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Battlefield 1 has the biggest open beta ever, with 13.2 million players

Battlefield 1 beta stats

Battlefield 1's open beta saw 13.2 million players battle across its sandswept map. EA say it's the biggest beta the company have ever recorded. 

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Actually, EA are being rather modest here, since it's actually the biggest beta ever, for anyone. Yeah. Previously, the biggest was Overwatch, which almost hit 10 million, so Battlefield has absolutely smashed it. 

According to industry analyst Daniel Ahmad, there's a common trend with the big hitting betas so far. In a tweet, he listed all the previous beta player count champions, noting that each has surpassed this player number in sales within three months. If Battlefield 1 can do the same, it could be on track to beat COD this Xmas. 

EA said 30% of those 13.2 million players chose the Assault class, with the Scout coming in a close second with 28%.

There were also 62.2 million kills while on horseback, 28.9 melee kills, and the most destructive Elite class was the Tank Hunter. Now they just need to nerf the horse, because come on now.

Battlefield 1 will be released on October 21.

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RavenHawk avatarcūka avatar0V3RKILL avatar
0V3RKILL Avatar
1 Year ago

played it for short time and got out. not only I personally didn't like the setting (map). But, the gameplay wasn't for me. Even less teamwork than ever. It lack the spirit of a battlefield game like Battlefield 2, BF1942, BFV or even BF2142. People there didn't play just to get kills. They really wanted to help you out with ammo and revives. I don't know what happened.

RavenHawk Avatar
1 Year ago

I played it for a few hours with some friends. Didn't overly enjoy it. It's just your typical modern battlefield game. No team work involved. I, too, am baffled as to when that went out the window.

The only thing that comes to mind is that they changed the game to be more in line with Call of Duty. Faster paced, minimum recoil on weapons so fully automatic is by far more deadly than carefully placed shots in semi automatic because there's little to no penalty in accuracy which leads to anyone firing in full auto drastically outdamaging anyone firing slower.

Maps are getting smaller so you don't need to rely on anyone for transportation. All classes become a sort of jack of all trades to tackle any combat situation, so you don't need anyone else to do something.

Whatever, I just haven't truly enjoyed battlefield games since before BF3.

In closing, the WW1 theme, whilst interesting is poorly executed. I get it, it's supposed to be fun, but BF1 is beyond inauthentic and sliding into realms of ridiculous. Even in WW2 the vast majority of troops were issued bolt action rifles. In BF1 the only bolt action rifles you can find are on the recon class. Everyone else has fully automatic weapons or semi auto carbines. And then there's the 'anti-tank' biplane with an artillery cannon mounted in the nose. First of all, planes in those days were constructed of wood and canvas and had fairly low powered engines. A plane with an artillery cannon mounted would not get off the ground. Second, if by some miracle you got it airborne, it would shatter into a million pieces as soon as it fired the cannon.

In conclusion, Battlefield 1 is simply not for me. I'd say the franchise itself is not for me anymore. Whether it's due to my tastes as a gamer having shifted over time or simply because the franchise has turned into a soulless husk of its former self, I don't know. Maybe a combination of the two.

cūka Avatar
1 Year ago

so u played for 10 minutes and commenting bout teamwork and gameplay?

i played for 30+ hours and cant wait when full game comes out

0V3RKILL Avatar
1 Year ago

just an expression. I didn't take to long to see this. But, if it turns your world upside down I'll fix it. Anyway, literally speaking I took an hour trying to fix the AMD problem, then another setting up my controls and graphic settings. Playing took me about 3 rounds which is what? 20 minutes or a bit more? But, it all felt very short. Anyway not trying to convince you to save your money. I rather put it somewhere else, but you can throw it away in this game.