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Battlefield 1’s multiplayer has women for “authenticity” - and there could be more coming

Battlefield 1 Nivelle Nights

Battlefield 1 is about more than just shooting the bad people with guns – there’s a level of historical authenticity the game tries to achieve, according to producer Andrew Gulotta, and that’s why there are female soldiers going over the trenches.

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When asked about why Battlefield 1’s multiplayer has women, Gulotta said on behalf of the team that “authenticity really drives us when we make our decisions”, and that was a key inspiration for having men and women fighting was the Women’s Battalion of Death.

Long story short (you can read the very basic Wikipedia page here), the Women’s Battalion of Death was a name given to a few battalions created in 1917 that aimed to revitalise troops and give a new surge of people to the front line. About 5000 women served in these women’s only units in 1917.

Gulotta also said there may be more female characters coming in the future, but it will “depend on authenticity.” He didn’t rule it out, though, and “would be very happy to jump at that chance” to create more female characters for the game’s multiplayer.

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