Prepare for a night fight with Battlefield 1’s upcoming Nivelle Offensive maps

Battlefield 1 Prise de Tahure

As Battlefield 1 moves to a monthly schedule of content updates, DICE are wasting no time in announcing new maps and features coming in the future. In a post over on the Battlefield blog, DICE have revealed more details on two upcoming maps, based around 1917’s Nivelle Offensive.

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The “Prise de Tahure” map is set in the autumn following the Nivelle Offensive, with French troops trying to hold onto territory captured during their joint push with the British. The map has its frontline trench network cutting directly through several villages, forcing players to move between muddy trenches and ruined back alleys as they try to capture points. Expect plenty of snipers to be hiding in bombed-out buildings, ready to pick off any poor soldier that doesn’t check their corners. Prise de Tahure is set to launch on Battlefield 1’s Community Test Environment soon, so join up to test this map ahead of its general release.

Previously announced back in April, the “Nivelle Nights” map will release in June for Battlefield 1 Premium members. Still in testing on the CTE, Nivelle Nights is not only the first night map for Battlefield 1, but it is the first map solely based around trench warfare. Matches here are truly a war of attrition, with both sides desperately fighting to push over No Man’s Land and into the enemy’s trenches. While announced for Premium members, it is unknown if Nivelle Nights will eventually be available to non-Premium members as well.

DICE have also revealed that the next DLC pack for Battlefield 1, In the Name of the Tsar, will get its first gameplay demo at EA’s upcoming EA Play event on June 10. In the Name of the Tsar is currently planned for launch in late summer, so expect to hear of a definite release date during EA’s big pre-E3 conference.