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Battlefield 4's war concludes with Final Stand on November 18th

Battlefield 4: Final Stand release date

Battlefield: Final Stand, the last piece of Battlefield 4 DLC, which finally concludes the really rather long war, has a release date: November 18th. Expect future tech, four new maps and lots of lovely snow. 

Non-premium members will have to wait a couple more weeks, however, and will get their mitts on the expansion on December 2nd.

With hovertanks, railguns and other experimental weapons, Final Stand seems to be a bit of a callback to Battlefield 2142, which was a cracking game, but - like Battlefield 4 - was launched in a terrible state. 

All of the new maps are chilly, arctic affairs. There’s Operation Whiteout, set in Siberia during a blizzard; Hammerhead, pitting soldiers against each other around a submarine base; Hangar 21, a hi-tech military base; and Giants of Karelia, which sounds like a bad fantasy novel, but is actually a massive, open map featuring a mech factory. 

DICE hasn’t revealed all of the nifty toys you’ll be able to play around with when it launches, so some secrets have already been uncovered. A couple of days ago, dataminers found mention of a compound bow in Battlelog, with fancy explosive bolts. And on Tuesday, Premium members might be able to get their hands on it. 

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[PWNY] Fluttersnipe avatarsubedii avatarWizardlyWolf avatar
[PWNY] Fluttersnipe Avatar
3 Years ago

That rail gun looks freaking awesome, if not a little OP. Glad it's a pick up weapon and not a regular equip though, from the videos it looks like a one hit kill + hitscan targeting.

WizardlyWolf Avatar
3 Years ago

i'm sure there's going to be an update or two to Nerf/buff the rail gun as i'm sure there's going to be some way to utilize it to annoy everyone on the server especially if there's that one hit kill

subedii Avatar
3 Years ago

So given that they're announcing the final DLC, I'm guessing the BF5 announcement can't be far behind to pick up the slack.


I realise I sound overly cynical but that's just how things seemed to play out previously. It's something that kind of put me off getting BF3 in the first place. The fact that as soon as the game was actually "complete" (I didn't want to buy a freaking piecemeal version with split communities and was waiting on the Goatee edition), the next one was already incoming.


Although to be honest, given their repeated launch woes, the constant DLC and map pack shenanigans have probably done me a favour overall. As good as the gameplay may or may not be (eventually), I just don't want to get into a series where they're constantly shifting the bar on what you need to play with everyone.