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Battlefield V’s Steam player count has suddenly jumped more than 200%

The Battlefield V Steam player count has suddenly skyrocketed, surpassing successor Battlefield 2042, as Call of Duty MW3 also struggles.

Battlefield V Steam players: A soldier from EA DICE FPS game Battlefield V

The Battlefield V Steam player count is suddenly up by more than 200%, as the 2020 FPS game overtakes its series successor Battlefield 2042 based on recent figures. The WW2 game and multiplayer shooter has likely benefited from a recent sale, pulling in tens of thousands more players in the last few days. At the same time, year-on-year averages show that Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 is struggling to compare to last year’s CoD MW2, at least on Valve’s PC gaming platform.

Battlefield V arrived during a brief revival for the historic FPS game, alongside other hits such as Call of Duty WW2 and the preceding Battlefield 1. At its all-time peak, EA DICE’s sprawling multiplayer shooter drew 89,814 players on Steam. Two years later, after a new Steam sale and a 92% discount, Battlefield V is almost back up to that record figure.

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As of Thursday November 23, Battlefield V has seen a peak of 77,840 concurrent players during a 24-hour period. In contrast, Battlefield 2042’s high during the same period is 43,066. A little more number crunching, and between Sunday November 19 and Wednesday November 22, Battlefield V saw an average of 24,674 players. Based on figures from the past 24 hours, that means the shooter’s Steam player base has jumped 215% within the last five days.

Meanwhile, Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 is struggling compared to last year’s CoD MW2. Based on figures from SteamDB, in November 2022, CoD pulled in an average of 224,838 players. During the last 30 days, which include the launch of Modern Warfare 3, the FPS has seen an average of 85,993 players on Steam.

Battlefield V Steam: A comparison of Steam players for EA FPS games Battlefield V and Battlefield 2042

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