Battlefield Hardline’s launch trailer shows off a literal war on crime

Battlefield Hardline launch trailer

Battlefield Hardline’s launch trailer depicts the war on crime at its most literal. It looks less like a grown-up game of cops and robbers, and more like a city-wide war between law enforcement and criminals, both using the same tactic: blow up everything and shoot everyone. 

It does get the blood pumping. 

As primally entertaining as the launch trailer is, my disinterest in Hardline remains the same.

Here’s what Matt thought last time he played: “There are problems, but the main disappointment continues to be that Hardline still plays it too safe. This is a Battlefield game, so the idea that it should feel and play like one isn’t outside the realm of logic. But by choosing the urban crime fiction, the game modes and skills of the classes should be designed to reflect that world. Instead it feels like everything is a parallel – a mechanic is an engineer, Heist is pretty much Obliteration – and the overall feeling that Hardline is a total conversion mod still remains.”

Take a gander at the rest of his preview. Battlefield Hardline is a fine Battlefield, but it’s not the game we want, he says.

It’s due out on March 17th.