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Drive Angry: Battlefield Hardline’s Hotwire mode is all about driving fast


EA and Visceral have introduced a new mode for their game of cops and robbers, Battlefield Hardline. If you thought Hardline was just a game about angry, probably horrible, men running around, swapping bullets with each other, you’re wrong. Sometimes they get cars and shoot each other while speeding around. There are explosions too. That’s what Hotwire is – Hardline’s man in car vs. man in car mode. 

It does look like some potentially silly fun. 

Hardline’s first beta – there’s another on the way – was pretty rubbish, so EA postponed the game’s launch so that Visceral could make it, well, not just a Battlefield 4 reskin. It was probably for the best.

Here’s what Matt and Steve thought about it: “Battlefield Hardline is a disappointing let down. No matter which way you slice up this pie, no matter whether you enjoy or resent what Battlefield Hardline actually is, the reality of the game simply doesn’t tally with the beautifully choreographed trailer EA so proudly projected in front of thousands of salivating E3 attendees.”

Battlefield Hardline is due out next year.