Battlefield 5 open beta hits in September

battlefield 5 open beta

Battlefield V’s closed alpha was largely a hit, though it left fans with one big question: when’s the open beta release date? This September, DICE says, one month before the game is set for full release. You can also expect a further set of limited opportunities to play the game ahead of release, following up on the invite-only closed alphas.

DICE has some changes in store in the meantime, including improved matchmaking to make it easier to quickly join matches. The team is also improving stability – both for the client and servers – making sure squads keep between matches, and keeping things smooth with better queue functionality and anti-toxicity efforts.

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There are also changes to gameplay coming, including the controversial revive system.  Buddy revives will be much faster, and Medic revives may follow suit. The game’s bleeding out mechanic was one of our core complaints with the alpha for how much it slowed down the pace of the match, and hopefully these changes will help address that issue.

You can read about all the planned changes in the full blog post. Other stuff up for tweaking includes ammo balance, reinforcements, time to kill, and weapon balancing. Some changes are already in place, and others will be adjusted pending further testing in future events.

DICE says “there will be several more tests” before the Battlefield 5 release date, implying that we should expect some more events similar to the closed alpha. Publically, there will be a “new build” of the game available for attendees at Gamescom, prior to the open beta in September.