Battlefield 3: Armored Kill trailer marks launch and begins fueling dislike for early-bird PS3 players


Like the Etonians in World War One, our “brothers in arms” over on the PS3 aren’t having to wait it out in this no man’s land of Battlefield 3 DLC release limbo like the rest of us, instead they have been fast-tracked out of the quagmire and shepherded into the warm bunker of early launch bliss.

Still, to keep us PC gamers warm on these cold muddy fields, we at least have the Armored kill launch trailer to set our excitations ablaze.

I’d hope by now I’ve made it clear just how much we’re looking forward to this DLC pack. Whilst DICE may have fallen behind on some of the supporting some of the features that would make this Battlefield the best multiplayer shootfest and foster teamplay- in-game voice chat, modding, spectator mode – the maps on offer in Armored Kill may just force people to play together.

The maps are vast, with the same team size limits, it’s going to be difficult to hold down the capture points without some co-ordination between the squads. Simply put, if one team is made up of individuals that team will lose.

6 new vehicles, 20 new unlocks, one new game mode, and four newmaps. It’s enough to bring a tear to the eye. Of course, Premium players sill have a week to wait, and non-premiums a further week after that. Humbug.

Until then, check out a flythrough of the Alborz Mountain level.