Battlefield 3: End Game developer interview reveals DLC is about “speed and agility”


“We’re going all in with speed,” says DICE lead designer Niklas Fegraeus of the series’ final release before Battlefield 4. “Speed and agility is the theme of this pack. End Game is really about the adrenaline that comes with high speed combat and chases.”

It’s also about the four seasons. More on that in the video below.

We got a good look at End Games’ four seasonal maps this morning in what almost certainly won’t be the last End Game trailer before it’s released on March 26th, or even before it’s unlocked for Premium members on March 12th.

It does look like the most substantial DLC release the game’s seen in months, though, promising dirtbikes, dropships, Capture the Flag, the return of Air Superiority mode and plenty of wide open space – which is where the series has always looked its best. Are you tempted?

Thanks, CVG.