Battlefield 4 PC beta now open to everyone and their mums


The great unwashed are now cleared for access to one map of Battlefield 4’s multiplayer: the Siege of Shanghai. Have you showered recently, or taken an uncharacteristic bath in an attempt to de-furrow your brow after a long week? No matter: DICE really aren’t fussy. They’d just like you in their game.

They’ve released a compilation of beta footage from the Xbox Three-Hundred-and-Sixty to mark the day. It seems to have mostly been downed helicopters so far:

You can find a download link on the front page of the Origin Store. The Battlefield 4 exclusive beta launch was marred somewhat by freezes and crashes earlier this week, but readers have since been in contact to tell us that most of those issues have already been fixed. Whaddya know: throwing players at your game to test it works! I suppose you could say it’s all beta now, but then you’d have to toss yourself in the wood chipper with the other pun criminals.

Will you be hopping into choppers and leaping into jeeps this evening? Best cast your eyes over the minimum Battlefield 4 PC system requirements first.