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Battlefield: End Game’s new maps revealed as still life in latest trailer


We’re in the last days of Battlefield 3; the final flutter of those great, blue-tinted wings before the bird bursts into flames and is born anew as, well, something fairly similar if DICE are to be believed, and I dare say they are.

But what a send-off: maps and dropships and Capture the Flag and bikes and bikes and bikes and bikes.

More bikes after the bike.

This latest trailer demonstrates either crippling connection issues, which would be an odd if honest thing to highlight, or Capture the Flag as inanimate artwork. It’s quite lovely.

Alongside the already mentioned bikes, dropships, CTF mode, bikes and the maps, End Game will also feature the return of Air Superiority mode. It’s unlocked for Premium types on March 12th, and becomes available to buy for all and sundry on March 26th.

Now, where next for the venerated series? What would you like to see thrown out, chucked in or shaken about in Battlefield 4?

Thanks, VG247.