DICE ask: what should we balance in Battlefield 4 next?

Stealth jet 20mm cannons are now considered slightly overpowered by some players.

Mindful of a distinctly dodgy Battlefield 4 launch – and with an eye, perhaps, on Garry’s Mod’s many millions – DICE seem intent on turning their multiplayer shoot-a-minute into a physics playground. When balanced on a makeshift seesaw, will a jeep balance out with, say, a stealth jet? The possibilities are endless, and endlessly compelling.

And so they ask: “what should we balance next?”

So what’s really going on here? Well:DICE have issued a player poll in the hopes of “identifying next steps” along the path to making Battlefield 4 everything we’d have liked it to be.

“We have a lot of balancing items in the pipeline for our upcoming Battlefield 4 patches, and we will be able to share them and the rationale behind them soon,” write the developers. “In the meantime, we would love to hear your opinions on some of the additional balancing ideas that we could add to the mix.

“On the behalf of the entire team here at DICE: Thanks for your dedication!”

Tweaks up for consideration include: a boost to the air defence abilities of the attack boat; increased damage for the FGM-148 against tanks; a possible nerf to the stealth jets’ 20mm cannons; a buff to MBT and IFV canister shells, which are proving unpopular; and some changes to the fast attack craft cannon.

“We are considering some minor changes to Fast Attack Craft cannons,” write DICE. “Reducing the splash damage area against infantry, requiring the player to hit closer to targets to get quick kills. And increasing the speed and the direct damage of the Burst cannon to aid hitting aircraft.

“No changes are being considered for the 30mm cannon.”

Before any of this is implemented, however, DICE have a “wide range of tweaks planned” – which they hope to announce “shortly”. Is there anything you consider more pressing than the potential issues listed here? Apart from proper seesaws, obvs.

Thanks, VG247.