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DICE have the Bad Company series on ice; “Battlefield 4 is our main focus for the year”


For a couple of years there, Bad Company was the place to go for shooting with a few laughs and some endearingly destructible terrain. By the time of the sombre sequel, however, the mirthsome script was gone, and since then the series has disappeared from DICE’s development schedule altogether.

The developers say the subseries is still dear to them – but there’s no sequel currently in the works.

“We love the Bad Company series, but don’t have it in active development,” said DICE via the official Battlefield account. “Battlefield 4 is our main focus for the year.”

Given the dusty new Battlefield’s focus on character-driven storytelling, it’s questionable whether there’s enough unique in Bad Company to distinguish it from the main series. If we do get a second sequel, perhaps it’ll be named Battlefield 5?

That said, EA and DICE have lately greenlit a Bad Company TV series, which suggests they see a certain intrinsic value in the name. What do you reckon?

Thanks, VG247.