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New medieval RPG’s daily updates turn weak Steam reviews around

Bellwright, a medieval strategy RPG game in the vein of Manor Lords and Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord, is fast repairing a poor reputation.

New medieval RPG’s daily updates turn weak Steam reviews around: Two knights in helmets and armor, from Bellwright.

Though the most anticipated medieval simulation game out this week is likely Manor Lords, the recently launched Bellwright has plenty of eyes on it as well. A combination of action, strategy, RPG game, and city builder that calls to mind Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord or Valheim, Bellwright came out in Early Access last Tuesday April 23 and was immediately met with disappointment, largely centered on the idea that the game simply wasn’t ready yet, even as a work in progress. Since then, though, Bellwright’s reception has started to turn around, with player numbers and reviews climbing steadily upward.

Bellwright‘s creator, Donkey Crew, has been hard at work getting its strategy game into better shape over the last two days. Yesterday, the studio put out a first patch, providing a number of fixes across the board and tweaking various design elements, and followed it up with information regarding a crashing issue that it identified. The team continued its work today, further balancing aspects of the game and addressing problems identified by its staff and Early Access players.

New medieval RPG’s daily updates turn weak Steam reviews around: A screenshot of Bellwright's player statistics.

This continued, timely attention is paying off. While its Tuesday launch peaked at only 3,727 players on Steam, Bellwright has today reached an all time peak of 7,330 players (with 7,097 in game at the time of writing). Its reception is improving, too. The game now has a 72% rating (‘Mostly Positive’) on Steam, which is a substantial boost from the 52% rating it held when we wrote about its Early Access launch yesterday.

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If you want to see how Bellwright is shaping up for yourself, it’s 10% off on Steam from now until next Tuesday April 30, bringing its price down to $26.99 USD / £22.49. Grab a copy right here.

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