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95% rated Steam medieval sandbox reveals new watery expansion

Four years after hitting its full release, Besiege is heading out to sea with a new expansion; get ready to get your siege engines soggy.

95% rated Steam medieval physics sandbox reveals new watery expansion: An oddly constructed wooden ship takes aim at some distant houses, with fire and smoke rising from some.

Smashing stuff together is one of life’s greatest joys. That’s something castle-smashing strategy sim Besiege understands very well, and now, four years after getting a full release and a whopping nine years after entering Steam Early Access, there’s a new expansion on the horizon. Developer Spiderling Studios has announced that Besiege will be taking to the oceans in The Splintered Sea, coming to Steam soon.

It’s been a long road for Besiege. One of the darlings of the original wave of Steam Early Access titles back in 2015, this medieval physics simulation strategy game took five years to arrive at a 1.0 release. The game has received a few updates since, including new blocks, but there’s been nothing meaty until now. That hasn’t tempered its reception amongst fans, however, as the game is currently sitting at a 95% ‘Overwhelmingly Positive’ score on Steam, with recent reviews even coming in at 96%.

Now, The Splintered Sea expansion aims to shake up the venerable siege warfare sim by relocating the action to somewhere altogether more soggy. With a new ten-level campaign to play through all set at sea along with new blocks and a new archipelago sandbox, it looks like there’ll be plenty for siege engine builders to sink their teeth into.

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While new blocks and new levels are intriguing, it’s how the water simulation plays out in the multiplayer and sandbox modes that will be the star of the show. The expansion also promises not only aquatic combat but undersea exploration, meaning players will have to adjust their builds in order to survive both a broadside on the surface and withstand the deeps.

Besiege is already renowned for allowing players to build wacky, barely working colossal creations that stand tall on the battlefield to wage war; bobbing about on the sea should help players to come up with some even more seriously strange designs.

A submarine made of wood blows up a minefield underwater using some form of rocket propelled attack

For Besiege fans looking for a little more to their destructive journey, there’s not long to wait as Besiege: The Splintered Sea will be releasing on Steam on Friday, May 24. You can head over here for more details and to add it to your wishlist.

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