Best LED strip lights 2024: color your gaming setup

Want to spruce up your gaming or home entertainment setup? We've tried the best RGB strip lights and panels from Nanoleaf, Govee, Corsair, and Philips.

Three of the best LED strip lights on a gradient background

Adding the best LED strip lights to your gaming setup is a real mood-setter. You can create special effects and a lighting environment that reacts to events as you play. With RGB strip lighting, you can thematically thread your entire setup together with your favorite colors and animations. And with options tailored to gamers from the likes of Govee, it’s easier than ever to link the best LED strip lights up to ecosystems like Razer Chroma or your other smart home devices.

As these strip lights use light-emitting diodes (LEDs), they consume tiny amounts of electricity compared to standard bulbs, and won’t add anything noticeable to your bill. Stepping up from synchronizing your keyboard and mouse, you can line the inside of your rig with lighting strips, attach them to your gaming desk, and stick them to the back of your gaming monitor for a healthy glow. There are even panels and wall lights you can use to brighten up the rest of your room.

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The best LED strip lights in 2024:

1. Govee RGBIC WiFi LED strip lights

The best RGB LED strip lights

Length 16.4 / 32.8 / 65.6 / 100ft
Expandable No
Control Built-in box/smartphone app/voice assistant

LED strip lights can be a confusing landscape, especially when Govee regularly releases similarly-named product refreshes. But these Govee RGBIC LED strip lights stand tall above the rest for their build quality, versatility, and easy connectivity with smart devices.

There are four lengths to choose from here, but it’s worth keeping in mind that you can’t cut these to your preferred length, though, so plan accordingly – we’d recommend going slightly over, rather than realizing you don’t have enough lighting for your project or area.

The IC in RGBIC stands for the independent control chip, which lets you customize each individual LED with vibrant RGB lighting. There’s a built-in controller to turn it on and off, switch between presets, and adjust the brightness, but the real draw is the ability to personalize it using the smartphone app or with voice controls using Alexa or Google Assistant.

2. Corsair iCUE Lighting Node Pro

The best PC LED strip light

Corsair iCUE Lighting Node Pro
Length 4 x 410mm (1.3ft)
Extendable Yes
Control Corsair iCUE desktop app

Most of the best PC cases feature a tempered glass panel so you can proudly display your graphics card and how well you manage cables. These components take center stage when you line your gaming PC with strip lights to illuminate the interior, and few are better than Corsair’s iCUE Lighting Node Pro.

It packs an RGB controller and four strips meant for each side of the case, and while this should be plenty, you can extend these with the LED Lighting Pro expansion kit. There are no smart controls here, but the iCUE software handles everything, letting you customize each strip’s 10 LEDs individually with a huge array of animations and effects. Better yet, you can synchronize your lighting with other Corsair products, like gaming keyboards and gaming headsets.

3. Govee Immersion RGBIC WiFi TV Backlight

The best RGB LED for monitors

Length 4 x 3.8mm (12.5ft) – made for 55-65in TVs
Extendable No
Control Built-in box/smartphone app/voice assistant

While Philips Hue helped pioneer interactive backlights for the display, Govee’s made it far more affordable without sacrificing quality. The Govee Immersion strip light packs 114 LEDs across 12.5 feet that you can individually control using the company’s proprietary RGBIC solution. It isn’t just a treat to watch but downright better for your eyes rather than watching things in the dark.

This model comes with a camera you can attach to the bottom or top of your display – don’t worry, it can’t see or hear you. This collects data to react to whatever’s on the screen for a more dynamic and immersive viewing experience. And since you can connect the Govee Immersion to your WiFi, you have access to a whole host of smart home controls.

4. Nanoleaf Shapes

The best RGB LED panels

Length Varies depending on the shape
Extendable Yes
Control Built-in box/smartphone app/voice assistant

Appropriately named because they come in hexagon, triangle, and mini triangle panels, Nanoleaf Shapes sit on your wall in whatever pattern you can dream up with their modularity. You can even buy extensions to string together different-shaped panels later down the line for a truly personal touch. The pictures don’t do them justice, either, as they’re bright enough to flood your whole room with light and offer up to 16 million colors to choose from – not to mention the custom animations.

One unexpected feature is that they’re just as good behind the best webcams as they are in front of them. Place them on the wall behind you and you add a splash of color to your background, but stick them in front of you and you can use the built-in controller, the app, or the voice controls to switch the LEDs to white to light up your face during streams and video calls. Maybe you won’t need an Elgato Key light, after all.

5. Govee Glide wall light

The best RGB LED wall hanging

Govee Glide specifications:

Length 6x 300mm (1ft)
Extendable Yes
Control Control Smartphone app/voice assistant

Neon bars are simple and sleek sitting above your display, but they’re not exactly a one-size-fits-all. Refining the concept, Govee’s Glide wall light comes with six modular bars and a curved corner piece, so you can make the light as long or as short as you like in an L or an I shape As usual, there are over 16 million colors to choose from and you can customize each LED independently using Govee’s RGBIC technology.

The smartphone app offers the most comprehensive controls, as it allows you to create patterns and fine-tune them to your liking. Once you’ve set everything up, you can use Amazon Alexa and Google Home voice commands to switch between your scenes hands-free.

3. Nanoleaf Elements

The best LED panels

Length 230mm (0.8ft) wide, 200mm (0.7ft) high per hexagon
Extendable No
Control Built-in box/smartphone app/voice assistant

While Shapes are more contemporary, traditional rooms need a more organic touch. When switched off, the wood grain effect on the Nanoleaf Elements fits as seamlessly into living rooms, bedrooms, and offices as the frames around your photos. And when they’re switched on, they gently fill the room with soft lighting to create an unrivaled ambiance.

Elements carry the same design philosophy as other Nanoleaf products, making them easy to set up and control – whether that’s via the optional panel attachment, the smartphone app, or a smart speaker. The panels even react to your music, changing between different temperature whites of 1500K and 4000K. Our favorite is the ember animation preset that flickers like a fireplace because it gives a homely feel.

4. Corsair iCUE LS100

The best diffused RGB LED strip light.

Length 2x 450mm (1.5ft), 2x 250mm (0.8ft)
 Extendable Yes
 Control  Corsair iCUE desktop app

Lighting strips often require you to strategically place them out of sight so you don’t see the glare of the bulbs underneath. If that isn’t a choice for you or you simply want your lighting proudly on display, the Corsair iCUE LS100 smart lighting strips sidestep this issue by diffusing the light so it’s easier on the eyes.

The starter kit comes with two long strips packing 27 individually addressable LEDs and two smaller strips with 15 LEDs, each attached to a lighting controller that lets you customize your colors. Since the case softens the light, it’s not quite as bright as others on this list but it blends colors for smoother animations.

What should you consider in a strip light?

Length, brightness, mounting options, controls, and the colors on offer are the biggest factors to think about before purchasing a strip light. You might also want to consider the type of LED, as the two Ws in RGBWW indicate that it offers warmer whites than your usual light.

Can you bend LED strip lights?

Most LED strips are flexible enough to withstand soft curves, which is why they often come in a roll. If your bend requires you to almost fold the tape, then you’ll need to be careful not to sever the connection.

None of the suggestions on this list are waterproof, but those with an IP rating are much harder to bend without breaking because their coating often makes them more rigid.