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Unplug this weekend with the best local multiplayer PC gaming has to offer

A Way Out

The Weekend Esc usually takes a global perspective on the world of PC gaming, but this time we’re going local. Which is not to say we’ve sent Rich and Al to cover breaking stories about cats stuck in trees, but that we’re talking all things local multiplayer – your couch co-op classics and Worms sessions played around a single keyboard.

All of this is in celebration of A Way Out, the new co-op prison break drama that can be played entirely around a single monitor. It is quite the week for co-op, in fact – Rare’s Sea of Thieves has finally set sail, and a jolly roger time it is, too. Meanwhile, back on the internet, searches for Fortnite porn have spiked after Drake’s stream with Ninja, which is as good a reason to switch off the router as any.

But not just yet! First you ought to enter the Weekend Esc giveaway – this time comprising an Overwatch goodie bag and a copy of WoW Legion. To enter, complete one or more of the actions in the widget below. The more you complete, the higher your chances of winning. We only ask for an email address, in order to contact you if you win.

We’re also giving away keys for the slasher-movie puzzle game Slayaway Camp – so get stuck in there too if you’re interested. Enjoy the Weekend Esc, and we’ll see you next time you see fit to plug the ethernet cable back in.

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