Best standing desks in 2024

Looking to switch from seat to feet? Here are the best standing desk options that could revitalise your working from home office or gaming PC setup.

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The best standing desks can be transformative for your health and comfort, letting you move around to improve circulation, posture, and focus. All of which they can do without needing you to take a break from your work or gaming.

The best stand-up desks are height adjustable, and most use electric motors to move the desktop up and down so that you can switch from seat to feet quickly. Depending on how much you spend, some also come with built-in USB sockets, cable management features, cupholders, and even RGB lighting.

Getting up from the best gaming chairs comes with ergonomic health benefits that will make time spent at your desk more enjoyable. Whether you want a desk for your home office, the best gaming desk, or a choice that fits both, we’ve been trying and testing the best standing desks from brands like FlexiSpot, Secretlab, Herman Miller, and more to help you decide.

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FlexiSpot E7

Best standing desk overall

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FlexiSpot E7 specifications:
Motorized Yes, dual motor
Desktop sizes 48 x 24”, 48 x 24″, 48 x 30″, 55 x 28″, 60 x 24″
Height range 22.8 – 48.4in / 58 – 123cm
Lifting weight 355lb / 161kg
Frame colors Black, White, Gray
Reasons to buy
  • Wide range of desktop options
  • Quiet motors
  • Automatic collision detection
Reasons to avoid
  • Not the cheapest
  • Cable management could be better

The FlexiSpot EP7 is the best standing desk for most people, and perfect if you’ve got a heavy gaming load to lift thanks to its 355lb / 161kg maximum weight capacity. It’s the best choice of standing desk for most people and comes in a white, black, or gray frame, plus a range of desktop sizes and materials depending on your budget.

The desk does require some assembly. When we tested this desk, with a handy YouTube link supplied by Flexispot we were able to get the desk up and running in about an hour. You may need a drill to make a few holes for the legs, however.

The keypad that comes with the desk not only has a USB port, but is effortless to use, and allows you to set four different levels as presets between the minimum of 58cm and the maximum of 123cm – you could set one for sitting, standing, and gaming. The desk moves into position in a matter of seconds and the E7’s dual-motor lifting system is so quiet you could even use it in open office spaces.

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FlexiSpot E2

Best budget standing desk

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FlexiSpot E2 specifications:
Motorized Yes, single motor
Desktop sizes 48 x 24”, 48 x 24″, 48 x 30″, 55 x 28″, 60 x 24″
Height range 28 – 47.6″
Lifting weight 187 lbs (84.8kg)
Frame colors White, Black, Gray
Reasons to buy
  • Excellent value
  • Shake-free operation
  • Easy assembly
Reasons to avoid
  • Maximum load is quite low
  • No cable management

The FlexiSpot EP2 gives you the benefits of working upright in a very low-cost package. This essential desk supports around half the maximum lifting load of the E7, but 187 lbs is still a lot of weight to be able to keep on the desktop. Its control module doesn’t give you any height presets unless you upgrade to the E2 Pro, but its whisper-quiet three-stage lift system makes changing the height a seamless, wobble-free experience.

Admittedly the design of the Flexispot E2 is a bit vanilla, but the brand offers more premium worktops and designs as you go up the range and spend more. By opting for the gaming series desktop you also get a cable tray, but we like the chipboard with drawers option for storing away accessories neatly.

We chose the E2 as the best standing desk for affordability – if you’re on a budget, and don’t need a huge weight lifted it will offer you a useful range of heights and decent build quality. The motor also has a five-year warranty for added peace of mind on your investment.

Herman Miller Nevi

Best premium standing desk

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Herman Miller Nevi specifications:
Motorized Yes
Desktop sizes 24 x 48″, 30 x 60″
Lifting capacity 165 lbs (75 kg)
Height range 28.5 – 47.25″
Frame colors White, Black
Reasons to buy
  • Gorgeous design
  • Build is superb
  • Strong motors
Reasons to avoid
  • More expensive than most

Herman Miller is known for its premium office chairs and desks, and the Nevi sit-to-stand desk gives you a super clean and minimal aesthetic to fit most modern offices or WFH setups. If design is important to you, and you don’t mind paying a premium, the Nevi would be our top pick.

Similarly to FlexiSpot, Herman Miller offers a choice of frame colors (black and white), five melamine worktop finishes, and the option of a standard or extended height range – both using an electronic motor that operates incredibly smoothly. It’s worth noting that the 165 lbs weight capacity is below FlexiSpot’s cheap E2 above, but the desk itself is also lighter.

Thankfully, given its high price, the Nevi comes with under-surface cable management included. You still have to assembly the desk yourself, but this is a smooth operation, and possible to do with just one person.

Best standing desk FAQS

What is a standing desk?

Standing desks, also called sit-stand desks or adjustable standing desks, move up and down so that you can use them when sitting down or standing up. By changing the height of your desktop, a standing desk allows you to move around more freely and avoid long periods of being sedentary.

There are three distinct types of standing desks. The most popular have legs that move up and down at the touch of a button, using an electrical motor. Next are desks that do the same thing but require manual operation to move up and down – generally using a handle that you wind around. Thirdly, there are desktop standing desk attachments or desk risers. You can put these on a normal desk to add standing desk functionality without altering your old desk.

Generally, motorized standing desks are the most expensive, manually operated ones are cheaper, and on-desk units are the cheapest, though there are exceptions to this rule. Motorized desks will give you the smoothest operation up and down, and even allow you to set preset heights, which is helpful if multiple people use the same desk.

How to choose a standing desk

Choosing the right standing desk for you is a personal decision to will come down to your budget, room size, design preferences, and how much you want to keep on top of the desk itself. There’s little point in buying a premium desk like the FlexiSpot E7 Pro if you only want to use a laptop on top, but you also don’t want to get a cheap option if you have three monitors, a gaming PC, a console, and accessories. Put simply, tailor the price point toward what you’ll be keeping on top.

Aside from the desk’s maximum weight capacity, I’d also recommend looking at its height range, motor power, speed, controls, and programmability. If others in your household (or office) are going to share the desk, then a wide height range is a good idea, along with a control panel that you can program for preset heights for each person. BIFMA (business and institutional furniture manufacturers) suggests a range of 22.6 – 48.7 inches, but it’s best to tailor it to the individuals using it.

As with any desk, including the best gaming desks, tailor the depth and width of the desktop to the space you have available, and consider how much room you need on top to house everything and still be able to work or game comfortably. Most brands allow you to configure the legs and tabletop separately.

Is standing at a desk good for you?

If you spend a large part of your day sitting down to work or play games, a standing desk is very likely to improve your posture and comfort long-term. It may also reduce the risk of having shoulder and back pain.

There’s been a lot of research into standing desks, and while scientists are still working out whether they can boost health, we already know that being too sedentary can increase the risk of heart disease,  cancer, and even diabetes.

There are also mental health benefits to being able to move your desk position at will. Standing often provides mental clarity and focus over sitting down, and taking a new position can refresh your perspective on tasks and challenges at work.

Are there disadvantages to a standing desk?

Standing desks have many benefits, but they’re also likely to be heavier, more expensive, and more complex to assemble than standard desks that don’t have a motor system. If you’re new to standing for long periods, using a standing desk can strain your muscles and joints, but an anti-fatigue mat can help to reduce these side effects.