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Bethesda are making a “freemium triple-A” game alongside The Elder Scrolls 6


Bethesda’s development studio have just advertised for a new role on a “bleeding-edge freemium triple-A game,” which tells us a bit about the third of their three current projects.

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Bethesda’s Pete Hinesspoke about their current projects at E3 last year, confirming that they have three titles in the works. Executive producer Todd Howard spoke at the same event, confirming that The Elder Scrolls VI is one of these. Howard then said in Februarythis year that another is a mobile game.

And, as NeoGAFer Nirolak points out, it’s unlikely this new job is for a mobile game, as all their current mobile job ads specify the platform (here’s one example), while this one does not. Moreover, it describes the game specifically as “triple-A.” Thus, we’re assuming that the freemium game is the third of Bethesda’s active projects, unless The Elder Scrolls is changing its business model.

The Hines and Howard interviews both stressed that the two non-mobile games will be huge – “bigger than anything we’ve ever done,” in Howard’s words. It makes perfect sense that the next Elder Scrolls will be epic, but it now seems that the second, equally ambitious project will be a freemium title, which is a bit of news. From the sounds of Howard’s comments at E3 2016, we’ll hear about the mobile and freemium titles before we hear about The Elder Scrolls VI.

Here’s the ad, if you’d like to take a look. It’s based at Bethesda Game Studios’ new Montreal office and calls for a “game performance manager,” who will develop monetisation strategies “both at the individual and community levels.”