Bethesda’s owner trademarks “Void Walker’s Arsenal” and “The Brigmore Witches,” suggests forthcoming DLC


ZeniMax, the media company that owns Bethesda and Arkane, has filed trademark applications for the names “Void Walker’s Arsenal” and “The Brigmore Witches,” two terms with Dishonored players will recognise from the game’s backstory. Both are patents for “computer game software for use with computers and video game consoles; downloadable computer game software offered via the internet and wireless devices.”

Dishonoured players were Void Walkers themselves, travelling through that alternate dimension during their adventures, while The Brigmore Witches was mentioned in some of the game’s literature.

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Patent number 85849049 covers Void Walker’s Arsenal while 85849052 is The Brigmore Witches.

You may remember Bethesda saying last year that the game had had “far exceeded” their expectations, topping the Steam sales charts during Thanksgiving, and a Dishonored franchise was on the cards. The Dunwall City Trials followed soon after.

We really enjoyed Dishonored. It was Jeremy’s game of the year and Rob wrote a great reflection on what might well be the most interesting character in the game: the mysterious Heart.

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