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Beyond Good & Evil 2 is at "day zero of development"

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The highlight and the biggest surprise of this E3 happened during Ubisoft’s conference. The show ended with a CGI trailer filled with sweary anthropomorphic animals, revealing itself at the end to be Beyond Good & Evil 2, a sequel fans have been hankering for since time immemorial. 

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That’s all the announcement was, though: a trailer, and not even a gameplay one. In fact, there hasn’t even been official confirmation of platforms, though a leak suggests Beyond Good & Evil 2 is coming to PC

Still, there aren’t many details about, and that’s because development has barely even started. In fact, its creator, Michel Ancel, calls it “day zero” of development, so it doesn’t sound like we’ll be seeing it any time soon. 

Basically, the past few years have been spent working on the tech that will power it. Because, if you don’t know, this prequel will actually be an open-world space game will a fully simulated galaxy. When the sun sets on a planet, that’s because the planet you’re on has rotated on its axis. It’s super ambitious, but it currently only exists as a prototype and a dream. 

“When you don’t have this technology, you can’t really start the game,” Ancel explained in an interview with The Verge. “It’s too difficult. But now we can say for sure that we will make this game, we’ll finish it. Because we have the technology for it.” 

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QDP2 avatarBen Barrett avatar
QDP2 Avatar
10 Months ago

The scaling asset management in that engine is incredible :O

I know they had said they had worked on a new engine this entire time, but being able to scroll from 3rd person camera to outside space with no lag, loading or delay, this really is incredible!

Ben Barrett Avatar
10 Months ago

Almost unbelievable