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Impressive new sci-fi Metroidvania could tide you over until Silksong

BioGun sets itself apart from other Metroidvania classics with its unusual premise, and could be a stopgap until Hollow Knight Silksong.

BioGun Steam Metroidvanina game: A dog in a gasmask from Steam Metroidvania game BioGun

It’s a common question when buying a game these days – can you pet the dog? But how about a game in which the primary objective is to save, and thusly pet, not just your own dog, but the entire dog race? In BioGun, that’s exactly what you’re out to do, by shrinking down to enter your canine companion at a microscopic level and save its immune system from a dog-specific pandemic. If this sounds a little wild, it absolutely is, and that’s a big part of BioGun’s charm. If you’re anxiously waiting for Hollow Knight Silksong, this could be the game to tide you over.

As a Metroidvania game, BioGun is close to the Metroid series itself or maybe Axiom Verge, with a focus on non-linear exploration, full 360-aim blasting (like later games such as Metroid Dread) and augmenting yourself to become stronger as you continue adventuring through your dog’s body (what a sentence!) ala Samus upgrading her Power Suit over time. The Hollow Knight Silksong release date might still be a ways off, but this, surely, is a neat distraction in the meantime.

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BioGun’s tone is considerably lighter than most Metroidvanias, too, with incredibly vibrant environments and characters full of personality and colour, as well as some charming writing. Where else are you going to find anthromorphised versions of the various elements of immune systems, or characters with titles like ‘Speaker of The Liver’? If BioGun seems like your kind of game, there’s also a free demo so you can give it a try.

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