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How to craft guns in Biomutant

Get to grips with the crafting system in Biomutant

The furry character in Biomutant raising its gloved hand high

Are you looking to craft guns in Biomutant? Some of the best long-ranged and melee weapons Biomutant has to offer are hidden behind its crafting system. Unless you take the time to understand how crafting works, you’ll never unlock the strongest guns in the game. Crafting allows you to build your own guns and armour, providing you have the right materials.

It’s difficult to craft anything within the first few hours of Biomutant as crafting materials are hard to source early on. It’s not until you reach the middle of the game that you have the spare resources needed to craft great items. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your current gear throughout the course of the game, or you want to build the rarest items, the crafting system lets you do all of this and more.

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Biomutant crafting

To craft and upgrade items, you’re going to need crafting materials. There are five crafting materials that can be found all over the world: digital chips, gears, plastic, rubber, and wood. You will run into these resources as you explore the world; enemies will also drop materials allowing you to build up some reserves. As you accumulate armour and weapons, be sure to dismantle the items you aren’t using as they are a great source of supplies.

Crafting a blue legendary buttoned up jacket with three leather belts in Biomutant

Items are broken down into three groups to determine how valuable they are: Rarity, Quality, and Material. As you upgrade your equipment, these groups change to reflect their improved condition.

Biomutant armour upgrades and add-ons

The crafting system in Biomutant changes depending on what you’re trying to build. When it comes to armour, you have to modify and upgrade individual armour pieces instead of building a piece of gear outright. Upgrading items at a workbench can cost quite a lot of materials, so be careful before committing to anything as you can’t recoup all of them.

You have to find add-ons around the world, or you can purchase them from vendors. Unfortunately, just owning the add-on isn’t enough, you need to spend crafting materials to attach the modification.

craft guns in Biomutant

Weapons can be crafted from scratch, though this can be quite an involved process depending on the gun you’re trying to make. Melee weapons only require three types of material to create, whereas ranged weapons require six different types of material.

Here are the requirements for melee weapons:

  • Base
  • Handle
  • Add-on

Picking out a base for your next melee weapon determines the type of damage it will deal: Biohazard, Electricity, Fire, Ice, and Radiation. The type of handle you pick affects the attack speed, damage, and armour piercing stats. Finally, the add-on slot gives the melee weapon some extra damage and in some cases, slightly higher critical chance stats.

Crafting a Cane Stronkbox melee weapon in Biomutant - a vault door with a walking stick as a handle

Here are the requirements for ranged weapons:

  • Base
  • Grip
  • Muzzle
  • Magazine
  • Stock
  • Top Mod

The base for ranged weapons determines the type of gun you can craft: automatic rifle, gun, rifle, and shotgun. Crafting guns in Biomutant is the most confusing weapon category out of the bunch, as it aims to blend the other three weapon types. Grip affects your accuracy, muzzles influence your armour piercing and fire rate, stocks alter the damage range, magazines control the amount of bullets you have at any given time, and top mods are scopes.

Ultimate weapons – weapons that have reached Rarity 100 – can be adjusted. You won’t be able to upgrade these weapons, but you can swap out the components to improve them in different ways.

And that’s everything you need to know about how to craft guns in Biomutant. Have you had a look at the best new PC games? 2021 has been a pretty slow year, but some of the games over the past few months have been incredible. If that doesn’t impress you much, check out our list of upcoming PC games to find something new to look forward to.