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New details of EA’s Black Panther game confirmed by job listing

A brand new job listing on EA’s internal hiring site mention Black Panther being a ‘sandbox’ experience with many open-world elements

New Black Panther game: The symbol for the new Black Panther game from EA

Since its announcement in the summer of last year, EA’s Black Panther game, developed by their recently formed internal studio Cliffhanger Games, has remained very sparse on details. All that was known for months after its announcement was just its developer and working title, not even a final name. However, the appearance of a new job listing under EA has changed that, granting some new information on how the game could actually turn out. While there were already some understandable assumptions made based on tropes commonly found in modern superhero games, this information is thankfully concrete.

The job listing is for a Principal Sandbox Designer, responsible for ensuring that the sandbox elements of Black Panther’s world interact and transition smoothly with the primary, story-based missions. As such, this listing confirms it will be an “open-world experience” action-adventure game, complete with “urban crowds” and “wildlife ecosystems.”

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With the game almost certainly being set in Black Panther’s home country, the technologically advanced Wakanda, it can be inferred that the open world will feature a mixture of both the tight-knit cityscapes frequent in superhero games such as the Spider-Man and Batman series’, in addition to Wakanda’s sprawling sub-African plains and mountains.

New Black Panther game: Job details for the new Black Panther game from EA

This would mark a large departure from the New Yorks and Arkhams of the superhero genre, taking a superpowered character out of the city and into the jungle. As Black Panther has proven to be one of Marvel’s most popular superheroes in recent years, however, a killer difference that sets it apart from other games in the genre could be exactly what the game needs.

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