Yes, you can pet the dog with this new Humble Bundle

Pet a pup to support the Sweet Farm, Humane Society, and Best Friends Animal Society charities

Some of the previous Humble Bundles have focused on genres like strategy games, whereas others have honed in on publishers such as Double Fine. The essential thread between games has yet to be covered, however, until now: petting very good doggos.

This Humble Bundle features an array of the best PC games that allow you to give your best boy some TLC. It’s being run in partnership with the Can You Pet The Dog twitter account, of course, and is hanging around until October 1.

If you chip in $1.00 / £0.76 you’ll get Scribblenauts Unlimited, Beyond Eyes, Dog Sled Saga, and Bulb Boy. Up your contribution to $4.74 / £3.66, and you’ll also get Shenmue I and II, Where the Water Tastes Like Wine, and Death’s Gambit. Finally, going all the way and throwing down $12.00 / £9.21 will get you Blair Witch with the Good Boy Pack. We’ve written previously about how Blair Witch’s Bullet the dog makes the horror game a good entry point for newcomers. He remains by your side even in tense moments and is always a reassuring presence. Hero.

The Humble You Can Pet the Dog Bundle is dishing out money raised to charities Sweet Farm, Humane Society, and Best Friends Animal Society. As ever, though, you can also support a charity of your choosing.

Grab the bundle

There’s over $161 / £124.02 worth of stuff in this one, and 8,426 bundles have already been sold as of writing. We’ll no doubt be dippin’ into this one – love a good dog we do.