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Medieval horror game Blight: Survival gameplay goes viral on TikTok

Upcoming co-op medieval horror game Blight: Survival grabs attention as it goes viral on social media site TikTok, with fans wowed by its gory, realistic combat

Blight: Survival - a knight in full armour and helmet holds a shield above his head, preparing to slam it down point-first into a creature below

Co-op medieval horror game Blight: Survival isn’t out yet, but that hasn’t stopped the alternate universe, 14th century survival game from picking up huge attention on social media platforms. Since its recent gameplay reveal, which shows off five minutes of the Steam game’s exploration, stealth, and combat systems, the #blightsurvival hashtag has skyrocketed to almost 7 million total views on TikTok, with another 1.2 million viewers watching the initial trailer on YouTube.

The trailer shows a character in a classical medieval suit of armour tackling zombie-like monsters infected by a blight that – you’ve guessed it – raises the dead. There’s plenty of medieval weaponry on show, from daggers and swords to longbows, and the combat also features grapples and shoulder tackles. The player character is also shown gathering resources from fallen foes and sneaking their way between camps of what appear to be regular humans.

Developer Haenir Studio describes Blight: Survival as “a four-player co-op action-horror roguelite set in the unforgiving no man’s land between two desperate states at a ceaseless war.” It emphasises the perilous nature of the world, promising plenty of customisation with a wide variety of weapons and armour, but notes that the spoils you find can be lost again in turn.

It certainly looks impressive in action, and the blend of a medieval setting and weaponry with the fast-paced zombies charging at you from any and every direction certainly makes for a potentially harrowing experience. Thankfully, the option to join up and adventure with up to three other friends should certainly ease the load somewhat – as evidenced by the enthusiasm for it among the TikTok audience. It’ll be interesting to see whether that attention translates into sales once the game releases on Steam.

You can check out the Blight: Survival gameplay trailer below:

YouTube Thumbnail

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