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That new Warcraft mobile game is coming to PC and Mac

Blizzard Warcraft Mobile game

Update June 19, 2017: You’ll be able to play the latest Warcraft game on PC.

In the second (but not the last) such story today, Blizzard’s job board has shed more light on a forthcoming project. We now know that Blizzard’s coming mobile game, which is apparently set in the Warcraft universe (see original story, below), is also coming to PC.

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The new job ad is for a senior sound designer, and invites applicants to “come join our audio guild and help us to define the future sound of an unannounced project for mobile.” Clearly someone is having fun writing these job ads, and using Warcraft terminology to do it.

Anyway, the ad also stipulates the candidate should have “experience using and troubleshooting Windows and Macintosh operating systems,” which suggests it’s coming to PC as well as mobile.

A proven legacy in furthering a story through sound is also a requirement, as is working with artists and designers to bring “their characters, creatures and environments to life.” We choose to take this as evidence that there will be substantial narrative content.

Original story May 26, 2017:For those that haven’t been keeping up, Blizzard have (at least) two unannounced projects in development. One is a first-person shooter they’ve been hiring engine folks forover the course of the last year. The other is amobile title, though very likely to also come to PC. A new job listing indicates that it will be set, like Hearthstone, in the world (but probably not World) of Warcraft.

NeoGAF spotted the new listing, for an FX artist, with the final requirement being a “passion for creating imagery synonymous with the Warcraft IP.” In other words: big shoulders, bright colours, melodrama and a chronic disregard for common sense. It’s what keeps us coming back.

The ad also offers some others hints as to the make-up of the team and game, mentioining specifically that any applicant will need to be able to “work within a small team.” There’s also a note that familiarity with Unity will be needed. Both of these are consistent with how Hearthstone was initially developed, and Blizzard may be hoping to bottle the lightning that created one of the largest ROIs in company history.

Of course, this isn’t all Big Blue are up to. Between Tom Chilton, David Kim and Dustin Browder all moving on from their iconic games (WoW, SC2 and HOTS respectively) to unannounced projects within the company, it seems Allen Adham’s new games division is off to a quick start.