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Even after mobile and console excursions, Blizzard boss says “we are PC”

Blizzard promises it won't go mobile-only any time soon

Blizzard didn’t technically start as a PC developer (I will not allow Silicon & Synapse or RPM Racing to be forgotten), but it’s safe to say that between Warcraft, Diablo, and StarCraft, the company’s most beloved classics have been the computer games. The studio’s been more aggressive about pursuing console ports in recent years, and the announcement of Diablo Immortal for mobile is the stuff of infamy.

But recently-appointed Blizzard president J. Allen Brack says the Blizzard’s PC focus isn’t changing, despite the studio’s desire to expand the audience. “We’re not going to become a mobile-only company,” Brack tells Game Informer. “We are PC. We have strong roots in console from the very early days, but we’ve been a primarily PC developer for a very long time and that’s not going to change.”

Yet, as Brack says, mobile is “the largest gaming platform,” and the studio is in a position to create “authentic, cool Blizzard experiences on that device.” That idea of expanding the audience in new venues has also informed things like the books, the comics, and the Warcraft movie.

Just don’t expect Blizzard to give up on PC any time soon.

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“A lot of us are very big fans and have the PC as our most favorite platform, and so PC is going to continue to be a huge part of Blizzard.”