Blizzbox: watch a sickle-based pickle unfold in Diablo III Reaper of Souls’ TV spot

Angels will pout on March 25.

Demons don’t get many chances to impress their mums. Work is mostly evil, and so they don’t mention it on the phone – instead mournfully consigning her suggestive emails about job listings to the spam folder.

For the next month, though, things will be different. Demons will make their mums proud. They’re going to be on the telly.

In the US TV spot below, two mortal enemies compare the cutscene faces Blizzard mastered sometime around the release of StarCraft 2: Wings of Liberty. After that, the swinging sickles and bridge-battering build to a sort of growly male climax. Watch:

It’s all for Reaper of Souls, the Diablo III expansion released on March 25. Which for Diablo players current and relapsed, is an event more than worthy of the melodramatic crescendo above – a new campaign and storyline, a new class in the Crusader, and an adventure mode which chops up existing maps into randomised nuggets of questing – essentially unlocking endless action-RPGing forever.

What’s fascinating, though, is just how much else Blizzard released in their mammoth Diablo III 2.0.1 patch over the weekend instead. Loot 2.0, Paragon 2.0, cursed chests, rebalanced classes and a new difficulty system all feature in an update designed to make the game fresh without recourse to a $40 expansion.

It’s a brave move, which by our Tim’s account revamps the game and prepares players for Reaper of Souls without forcing their hand. Do you think they’ll buy it anyway? How about you?