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Fully destructible RTS sees you face off against tides of robotic foes

Block Strategy is an RTS base defense game that'll have you exploring, building, and surviving in a blocky, completely malleable world.

Fully destructible RTS sees you face off against tides of robotic foes: Two friendly robots stand next to each other, one red and one green, each armed with different weaponry.

When you’re on the last habitable planet and robot killers want to wipe you off the face of the world, there’s only one thing you can do. No, you don’t give up. Instead, you tool up and ensure those mechanical monsters regret ever setting foot on your planetoid. That’s what upcoming RTS Block Strategy has you doing and its mix of Warcraft III hero combat, Thronefall base defense, and Minecraft destructibility all promise to combine into one delectable strategy meal.

In Block Strategy you’re humanity’s last hope, it’s up to you to take our last combat robots to a new world and carve out a space where humans can live. Unfortunately for you, an implacable series of enemy robots has a different idea. In this upcoming RTS game you’ll have to gather resources, prepare defenses, and get ready for the oncoming onslaught. Then, it’s time to fight as the waves of robots will appear with regular intervals, all baying for your destruction.

When you’re not battening down the hatches under enemy assault you’ll be out exploring, gathering resources, and defeating world bosses to earn building upgrades and rewards. To do this you’ll have control over several hero units which you can upgrade to fulfill specific roles on the battlefield, such as tank, healer, and damage dealer. You’ll also be building your base up, repairing damage, and ensuring that the next incoming attack melts away against your fortifications.

A screenshot from Block Strategy that shows a few towers fighting off attackers in a dark, lava-filled area of the map

The RTS nature of Block Strategy is appealing enough by itself mixing together several different influences under the hood of its sci-fi strategy, but it’s the world itself that’s the biggest draw and shows the most promise to add something new to the genre. The entire map is made up blocks, all of which can be destroyed or moved to shape the terrain to your needs.

This opens up a ton of avenues for strategic play as you explore the world around you. If you know your defenses are strong in a particular location, you can alter the map to encourage your foes to funnel themselves towards your guns. Should you need a shortcut back to a particularly difficult boss you want to fight again you can knock down a hill or build steps to get around impediments. Block Strategy’s world will even contain caves, allowing you to explore underground to gather resources or for a tactical advantage. Though be warned, if can go underneath and pop up where you’re least expected, so can your enemy.

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Block Strategy will launch later in the third quarter of 2024 and you can add it to your Steam wishlist today.

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