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Bloodborne finally arrives on PC in stunning fan recreation

If you've been waiting for FromSoftware's iconic RPG Bloodborne to release on PC, this fan-made film created using Minecraft will awe you.

A Bloodborne character created using Minecraft wears a long, buttoned coat and wields two weapons in either hand

Bloodborne is one of those RPG games we’ll forever want to see released on PC. No other FromSoftware game has quite captured the gothic-inspired aesthetic Bloodborne provided us, or the unique story. While we’ve impatiently waited for news of the beloved game coming to PC, other fans worked tirelessly to express their love of all things Bloodborne. One Minecraft creator did just that by bringing Bloodborne and its buildings, enemies, and all to the blocky sandbox game.

Known online as ‘Potomy,’ this fan pushed his creativity to the max with his faithful recreation of Bloodborne in Minecraft. Despite the pixel confines he was dealing with, Potomy managed to beautifully portray Yharnam City in all its reimagined voxel glory. Not only did he devote his own time, but the skilled builder worked alongside other talented artists and coders to bring the vision to life.

Potomy posted a short film showcasing their collective product, Bloodborne in Minecraft, and it’s mind-blowing. The creator wrote, “After months of dedicated effort, we’re thrilled to unravel our stunning short film.” He went on to say that the team of creative minds “poured our blood and souls into this project.”

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You can support Potomy’s stunning work by backing him on his Patreon here. You’ll be able to download the Bloodborne map and its textures yourself if you choose the higher subscription tier. It’s well worth it, as Potomy wrote: “If you choose to support this tier, you will have your name immortalized on the map.”

The map and its relevant packs will be available for free to the public later on, too, so if you can’t back the Patreon just yet don’t fret. I personally can’t wait to hop onto the map and pass by the whimsical Victorian intricacies lining Yharnam City’s streets. While we can’t do so officially on PC just yet, we can experience Bloodborne in Minecraft thanks to creative fans.

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