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Borderlands 2 Reborn mod development has ended

Cross one off your list of Borderlands 2 mods

We’re still a few months away from the release of Borderlands 3, which means it’s the perfect time to revisit Borderlands 2. That could mean checking out that new DLC, just running through a vanilla replay, or digging into some Borderlands 2 mods. If you were hoping to make use of one of the game’s most popular modpacks, be advised – development on Borderlands 2 Reborn has come to an end.

Mod creator Koby announced the news via a TwitLonger post. The modder says that after 2000 hours in Borderlands 2, “I don’t even play the game anymore, and even if I want to I do for like 10 minutes and then quit again. Working on BL2 Reborn and modding in general simply ruined the enjoyment of the game because I simply can’t play it anymore, and every time I want to mod something, either something else breaks or I can’t do it because modding is extremely limited cause there’s no official modding tools.”

Because of that burnout, Koby is dropping development on the Reborn project. Broadly, comments on the tweet and the Nexus Mods page have been supportive, which is always lovely to see.

You can still download Borderlands 2 Reborn, of course, and you’ll find a completely rebalanced game experience there. That includes overhauls for gear, new guns, quality of life changes, and adjustments to the difficulty curve.

Just expect some rough edges that might not ever get resolved.

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The Borderlands 3 release date is set for September 13, and you can follow that link if you’re looking for more on the upcoming loot shooter.