Borderlands 3 Conference Call farming guide: how to get the legendary shotgun

This Hyperion powerhouse will decimate in close quarters, here’s how to get it

Borderlands 3 conference call stats

The Borderlands 3 Conference Call legendary shotgun is not easy to get your hands on, but as Borderlands 2 players will tell you, the grind is absolutely worth it as this shotgun does heaps of damage.

It’s also a little bit stronger in Borderlands 3 thanks to the weapon manufacturer bonuses – Conference Call is a Hyperion weapon and thus you get a front-facing shield whenever you aim down sights, which also randomly returns shells to your magazine based on how much damage you take.

As with all Borderlands 3 legendary weapons, grabbing one of these is no mean feat, and you’ll need lots of luck, plus a solid farming route to add one to your arsenal. We’ll break down the stats for the Borderlands 3 Conference Call shotgun, plus the best routes we have for farming it. Note that you can get this weapon to drop from multiple bosses, including the vault monster on Eden-6, but here our preferred means of getting one.

Borderlands 3 Conference Call legendary shotgun stats

Attribute Stats
Damage 354×5
Accuracy 53%
Handling 77%
Reload time 3.0s
Fire rate 3.15/s
Magazine size 8
Red text Let’s just ping everyone all at once
Extra effects Damage to projected front-facing shield returns bullets to your magazine

Best way to farm the Conference Call in Borderlands 3

There are a couple of ways to farm this, but it’s worth noting there are lots of bosses that can drop this item in the game. The two most popular means of getting the Conference Call are to either farm the final boss in Atlas HQ, or to head to Jakob’s Estate and farm a Loot Tink that spawns reliably.

To access the Katagawa Jr. farm you’ll need to head to Atlas HQ and make a time-consuming run all the way from the fast travel point to the executive suite. There’s a checkpoint here, so once you kill the boss you can check what loot is dropped and immediately restart to have another go if you don’t see the Conference Call in the pile of loot. You’ll get better drops if you’re playing Mayhem Mode, which is a part of the Borderlands 3 endgame, so bear that in mind if you’re still struggling.

The other top spot is in the Servant’s Lift area of Jakob’s Estate. As soon as you enter this area you’ll notice there’s a small wooden bridge and after crossing it you should spot a Loot Tink that spawns 100% of the time. Kill it, open its backpack, check the loot, and then restart if you don’t get what you want – there’s a checkpoint at the start of the bridge so this is arguably the fastest legendary farming spot in the game.

Of course the loot table for Loot Tinks is much larger, and after an hour of farming we still haven’t managed to get the Conference Call to drop using this method. However, we did get several other legendary weapons in Borderlands 3, so it’s not exactly wasted time.