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Borderlands 3 legendary weapons: all the legendary weapons we’ve seen so far

Here are all the new and returning legendary weapons to help you devastate your enemies


What legendary weapons are in Borderlands 3? And, what new delights does the game have in store when it comes to those new legendary weapons in Borderlands 3? Thanks to Arekkz Gaming and a recent gameplay livestream, we now know what Gearbox Software really meant by there being over a billion guns in Borderlands 3. But, the question is, how many of those guns will be legendary?

The recent Borderlands 3 gameplay reveal event showed off new locations, boss fights, and, most importantly, that beacon of golden goodness: a shiny new Borderlands 3 legendary gun. We even saw the return of favourites such as Infinity and Baby Maker. Some boast the new radiation element; this deals damage over time before exploding near any poor sods nearby. Some of the new legendary guns in Borderlands 3 like the Faisor and Laser-Sploder have radiation-based special effects, such as irradiated explosives, pellets, or energy beams.

Gearbox has made several adjustments to unlimited mag guns, for instance. This includes the heat meter, which – if maintained – continues dealing damage as long as you have the relevant ammo type. Another depletes health and shields, allowing you to keep firing. These adjustments are usually associated with the Children of the Vault (COV) gun type, a new addition to the existing set of Borderlands 3 weapons manufacturers. Here’s our extensive look at the returning and brand new legendary guns that will be available in Borderlands 3.

Here are all Borderlands 3 legendary weapon types:

Borderlands 3 legendary pistols

These close range pistols span multiple manufacturers; whether you’re after some explosive Tediore fun or the old-fashioned Jakobs, below are the Borderlands 3 pistols we’ve seen so far.


  • Manufacturer: Vladof
  • Red text: It’s closer than you think! (no it isn’t)
  • Special effect: The Infinity still has a mag size of one, with infinite ammo.

Baby Maker (++)

  • Manufacturer: Tediore
  • Red text: Who’s a widdle gunny wunny!!!
  • Special effect: The original Baby Maker exploded on reload, sticking to surfaces and spawning gun turrets. The Baby Maker ++ is an upgraded version that spawns guns with, err, ‘widdle’ legs.


  • Manufacturer: Torgue
  • Red text: hail.
  • Special effect: This a great close range weapon with a two-round burst.


  • Manufacturer: Jakobs
  • Red text: it’s a helluva thing…it’s a helluva thing…
  • Special effect: Another returning favourite, this pistol boasts high critical hit damage and a low fire rate.


  • Manufacturer: Jakobs
  • Red text: Monty’s wife don’t take no guff.
  • Special effect: Reprising its role from Borderlands 2, the Maggie fires six projectiles while costing one ammo, with the damage and accuracy decreasing with each projectile.

Wagon Wheel

  • Manufacturer: Jakobs
  • Red text: round and round
  • Special effect: Shoots salvoss that ricochet from objects and split into multiple projectiles, which deals more damage.

Extended Nemesis

  • Manufacturer: Dahl
  • Red text: A righteous infliction of retribution.
  • Special effect: Swaps between a three shot burst and semi-auto.


Borderlands 3 legendary assault rifles

The new Borderlands 3 assault rifles bring the pain with radiation bolts, explosive projectiles, and a risky proclivity to overheat.


  • Manufacturer: COV
  • Red text: Surpresssing Fires!!!
  • Special effect: A returning legendary gun with an unlimited mag, butis prone to overheating.


  • Manufacturer: Torgue
  • Red text: I love the smell of popcorn in the morning
  • Special effect: The Bearcat is back with the same six projectiles that fire in 2-round bursts. It fires in a neat horizontal line, with three projectiles in each.

The Ogre

  • Manufacturer: Vladof
  • Red text: Ogres chew their food
  • Special effect: Like the Devastator, this fires missiles with a chance to randomly increase fire rate and reload speed for a short period.

Engulfing Super Shredifier

  • Manufacturer: Vladof
  • Red text: Speed Kills
  • Special effect: Can fire two chaingun barrels at the same time.

Pain is power

  • Manufacturer: COV
  • Red text: Nobody kills me but ME!
  • Special effect: COV has a high rate of fire, but overheating it depletes shield and health instead of affecting the gun.

Gatling Gun

  • Manufacturer: Jakobs
  • Red text: Watch me crank it, watch me roll.
  • Special effect: Increased fire rate when holding the trigger, complete with the original cranking of the wheel-clip effect.


  • Manufacturer: Torgue
  • Red text: LASERS != EXPLOSIONS!?
  • Special effect: Features radiation-powered homing explosives that deal damage over time on impact.


  • Manufacturer: Vladof
  • Special effect: Quick fires radiation pellets and has an under barrel attachment that fires explosive balls of energy.

Embrace the pain

  • Manufacturer: COV
  • Red text: It hurts. HAHAHAHAHA! IT HURTS!!!
  • Special effect: As a reference to Krieg’s character, we can assume this gun has an increased fire rate, which could affect your shield.

The Dictator

  • Manufacturer: Vladof
  • Red text: suppress all who oppose you.
  • Special effect: Shoots horizontal bullets in quick succession.

Striking Warlord

  • Manufacturer: Dahl
  • Red text: My gun sings for your blood.
  • Special effect: Has a 30% chance of not consuming ammo.


Some of the legendary SMGs are packing the new radiation effect, complete with energy balls and lingering clouds.


  • Manufacturer: Hyperion
  • Red text: yup. Back.
  • Special effect: The Bitch is back with critical hit damage and improved accuracy.

Turbo Ten Gallon

  • Manufacturer: Tediore
  • Red text: Let me tell you about my best friend.
  • Special effect: Reload deploys a flying turret that hovers behind you and shoots at enemies.

Smart-Gun XXL

  • Manufacturer: Tediore
  • Special effect: Spawns small Gigamind brain turrets on reload that grow mechanical spider legs and attack enemies.

The Handsome Jackhammer

  • Manufacturer: Hyperion
  • Red text: Everyone thinks they are the heroes of their own stories.
  • Special effect: Has an effective shield when aiming down sights, with the added benefit of dispersing an energy ball on reload that bounces around before exploding.

The Sleeping Giant

  • Manufacturer: Dahl
  • Red text: Infinite path carved with unrivaled skill
  • Special effect: This allows you to swap between bursts and full auto, making it the ideal gun for long and close range combat.

Cloud Kill

  • Manufacturer: Maliwan
  • Red text: oh noo she ded
  • Special effect: Shots generate a radiation cloud on hit.

Cash-Infused Bitch

  • Manufacturer: Hyperion
  • Red text: If you can’t handle me at my worst.
  • Special effect: Damage to shield projects damage back to attackers, with a shield capacity of 320.


Borderlands 3 legendary snipers

Legendary snipers introduce high damage, critical hit perks from a range of manufacturers to vary high impact and explosive special effects.


  • Manufacturer: Jakobs
  • Special effect: Critical hit ricochets bullets at nearby enemies, this gun also fires explosive rounds.

The Monocle

  • Manufacturer: Jakobs
  • Red text: One is enough
  • Special effect: Maybe we should believe the red text?

The Soleki Protocol

  • Manufacturer: Maliwan
  • Special effect: Bullets ricochet off objects, splitting to deal multiple damage to nearby enemies.

Hyperfocus XZ41

  • Manufacturer: Hyperion
  • Red text: xzx.
  • Special Effect: Damage to your shield will reflect bullets back onto attackers, with weapon shield capacity at 91.


  • Manufacturer: Maliwan
  • Special effect: Shoots elemental energy balls or a beam of radiation.


Borderlands 3 legendary shotguns

Borderlands 3 is doubling down on the volume of legendary shotguns. Conference Call returns to the mix, for example, and offers increased accuracy and cool perks.

Conference Call

  • Manufacturer: Hyperion
  • Red text: Let’s just ping everyone all at once.
  • Special effect: Conference Call functions the same as it does in Borderlands 2, firing pellets that spray, deflect, and hit nearby enemies.

Sledge’s Shotgun

  • Manufacturer: Jakobs
  • Red text: The Legend Lives (still)
  • Special effect: Sledge’s Shotgun operates in the same way as in Borderlands 2 staggering enemies is one of its standout perks.

The Butcher

  • Manufacturer: Hyperion
  • Red text: Fresh Meat!
  • Special effect: The Butcher has a chance to not consume ammo on each round, and has an increased fire rate.


  • Manufacturer: Tediore
  • Special effect: This is a shotgun that fires four shots in vertical and horizontal lines, with the reload effect dispersing a turret version of the gun.

The Boring Gun

  • Manufacturer: Torgue
  • Special effect: Shoots saw blades that roll along the ground and explode.


  • Manufacturer: Maliwan
  • Red text: Don’t follow the light…
  • Special effect: Fires energy balls that attracts to foes and deals shock damage.


  • Manufacturer: Vladof
  • Red text: Swing the Sickle!
  • Special effect: It seems to fire the same as the previous sickle guns in the game, but it will be interesting to see the additional benefits the gun will add to stats.

Nimble Jack

  • Manufacturer: Jakobs
  • Red text: Jack be nimble, Jack be quick, Jack jump and kill lunatics
  • Special effect: Does exactly what it says on the tin: increased accuracy when jumping.

The Horizon

  • Manufacturer: Tediore
  • Red text: You can’t leave, she won’t let you.
  • Special effect: High accuracy and damage, on top of dealing explosive damage on reload. A shotgun for long and close range.


  • Manufacturer: Hyperion
  • Red text: Let’s put our heads together
  • Special effect: A shotgun that fires a lightning bolt spread.

The Hellwalker

  • Manufacturer: Jakobs
  • Red text: Tempered by the fires of hell
  • Special effect: Critical hits ricochet one bullet into a nearby enemy.

The Garcia

  • Manufacturer: Jakobs
  • Red text: rooty. tooty. pointy. shooty.
  • Special effect: Critical hits ricochet one bullet into a nearby enemy.


Borderlands 3 Rocket Launchers

We know a rocket launcher that shoots cheeseburgers is on the way, but this legendary rocket launcher is taking things a little more seriously.

Nuclear Mongol

  • Manufacturer: Vladof
  • Red text: Man is a horde animal.
  • Special effect: Irradiated enemies damage enemies around them, this rocket launcher also shoots energy balls that deal damage.

Borderlands 3 miscellaneous

Since we don’t have complete information on all of the Borderlands 3 legendary weapons yet, below is a list of some others we’re aware of.

  • Red Sprinkler (assault rifle)
  • Breath of the Dying (assault rifle)
  • The Mocking Cutsman (SMG)

With so many new legendary guns in Borderlands 3, we’ll continue to update this list with any new ones, including the relevant Borderlands 3 legendary weapon locations.

With so many rare boomsticks to get our mitts on this September, it’s going to be a looting frenzy. We’re not sure where to go from mini brain turrets with spider legs, but we want to go there.

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