Brawlhalla’s cross-play now lets you bosh your PlayStation pals

The game now supports cross-play across all platforms

It looks like you can now get stuck into free-to-play fighter Brawlhalla with your pals, regardless of platform. Developer Blue Mammoth Games has just announced that “phase five of Single Brawlhalla is live!” – which means that the game now supports cross-play across all platforms, so PC and other console players can now match up against those on a PlayStation 4.

The announcement on the Brawlhalla website explains that, “every single Brawlhalla player, regardless of platform, can now be matched against each other in all online queues as well as share custom lobbies.” It also reveals that PC and other console players will now see PlayStation 4 users get to join in at official Brawlhalla esports competitions. Bring it on, I say.

This follows phase four of the Brawlhalla cross-play rollout earlier this summer, which saw PC players get to jump into all of the fighty fun with Nintendo Switch and Xbox One players for the first time. John Cena, Becky Lynch, and some other big WWE stars also joined the Super Smash Bros.-like game in recent months.

Despite the good news that the epic cartoon-style platform fighter now supports cross-play across all platforms, which the studio says “is another huge step for Brawlhalla and our players,” it looks like Blue Mammoth is still looking to make the game the best it can be – it says it’ll continue to work to make players’ experience of the game “as smooth and fun as possible.” Neat.

Publisher Ubisoft recently announced a new European Brawlhalla tournament series, with the second round of online qualifiers kicking off this weekend, on October 13, with ‘Great Brawl’ finals to follow later on in Paris.