Bright Memory: Infinite trailer debuts

Bright Memory: Infinite is a blend of FPS games and the character action genre, which expands the original episode available on Steam into a more fully featured game. It’s still the product of a single-developer at FYQD Studio – and the results are impressive enough to have lead off this first presentation of next generation games during today’s Xbox Series X reveal.

The brief trailer features your character emerging from a swamp and engaging in some good old first-person shooting action. The game appears to feature a load of time travel, with enemies and vehicles from various eras appearing at once. Bright Memory infinite is all about building combos through a wide variety of melee and shooting skills, and there’s plenty on display in this trailer.

The game is coming to Steam, and you can find a brief rundown of the plot there. In short, it’s 2036, and a mysterious phenomenon has scientists baffled as an old mystery brings together the histories of two different worlds.

Check out the trailer below.

YouTube Thumbnail

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